Custom MS Access Databases

Stubborn-Computers can design, repair, upgrade, and administer Microsoft Access Databases for you.

Are you over whelmed by the large quantities of data that need to be tracked in your organization or having to create the same reports every week from the data? Perhaps you're currently using a paper filing system, text documents or spreadsheets to keep track of your critical information. If you're searching for a more flexible data management system, a database might be just the salvation you're looking for.

What is a database? Quite simply, it's an organized collection of data. A database management system (DBMS) such as MS Access provides you with the software tools you need to organize that data in a flexible manner. It includes facilities to add, modify or delete data from the database, ask questions (or queries) about the data stored in the database and produce reports summarizing selected contents. Microsoft Access provides users with one of the simplest and most flexible DBMS solutions on the market today. Regular users of Microsoft products will enjoy the familiar Windows "look and feel" as well as the tight integration with other Microsoft Office family products. An abundance of wizards lessen the complexity of administrative tasks and the ever-present Microsoft Office Helper (you know the paper clip!) is available for those who care to use it.

Because that MS Database interacts very well with Word, and Excel I would recommend having MS Office so that you can export your data to an excel work sheet or word document but it is not necessary to have MS Office

If you don't currently have MS Access then you can use the free Access Run-time engine to use your new database with out purchasing the Access program. Which makes this a lot cheaper than having to buy other programs for all your users.

MS Database services :

Database Creation:

Databases can be created to manage your inventory, customers, orders, service calls, time tracking, pay role, tracking your collection (such as Sports cards, Stamps, Comic cards) or for tracking projects progression. The possibilities are endless.

The database services here can vary from a simple one table database to a database with 50 or 60 tables, Queries, forms, macros, web interface, reports, exporting info to Word, Excel, or Outlook.

If you need to update and an Access database contact Stubborn-Computers to go over what you need changed and after looking at your database, then you will be given a quote on what it will cost.

Data transfer services: are also available to transfer your data from your old system to your new improved Database.

I don't list prices because there are too many different possibilities on developing a customized Database but if you call or email I will get you a quote.

Get in contact with Stubborn-Computers and we will look over your situation along with your requirements and generate an estimate to help organize your data and let you get back to the rest of your business. Go to Contact-information and fill in the form or call and then we can go over your needs.

I have designed databases for 12 years now, ranging from small one user data base to a 30 user Data base pulling info from multiple sources, with lots of tables, queries, forms, front ends, Macros, reports, dynamic and static web pages from the data in the database.

I can remote into a computer to fix or install a Database so I can help you with a database any were in the USA as long as your computer has access to the internet.

Our Experience Shows!

A well written database customized to fit your business needs will save you time, effort, and money by combining all the related information into one program with the ability to have the data updated by multiple users at the same time, instant reports, eliminating data redundancy, large storage capacity, and with easy to follow forms.

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